2. Edition of the book "Reich mit Diamanten" by Dipl. Kfm. Robert Brachfeld

Exclusive background knowledge: An insider reports
Diamonds have fascinated people for thousands of years. And these gemstones have always stood for prosperity and security. Particularly in a difficult economic environment, diamonds prove to be a stable capital investment with considerable potential for long-term returns. However, the diamond industry is considered to be very discreet and closed. However, a high degree of knowledge is absolutely necessary in order to invest successfully in really high-quality stones. With this book, an absolute insider opens the doors to this mysterious industry. In addition to the indispensable basic information, the reader learns, among other things, how the diamond market functions, on which factors price development depends and why it makes sense, especially for safety-oriented investors, to diversify the portfolio with diamonds. Diplom-Kaufmann Robert Brachfeld has known the diamond industry for decades. After studying business administration at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt, he founded his diamond import company at the end of the 1970s with headquarters in the financial metropolis of the same name. He is also editor of the information service "Diamantbericht", which has been published for more than 30 years. The author has very close contacts to all leading markets and the most important market participants, not least through the well-known diamond family Brachfeld with sales offices on all important stock exchanges around the world.
First inform, then invest
This book creates the best conditions for this. As the first publication of its kind in the German-speaking area, this title also deals in detail with the aspect of "diamonds as an investment".
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