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Black Diamonds

The special feature of the diamond market: Black diamonds

When we talk about black diamonds, we do not go into the realms of the mafia or on dark jewellery paths, but of remarkable gemstones. According to information from newsletter "Diamantbericht", black diamonds have been in vogue since the last Basel watch and jewellery fair. Whereas previously only a few Italian or progressive goldsmiths used black diamonds in their collections, the black diamond, a special feature of the gemstone market, now seems to be experiencing a flight of fancy.

A diamond is not only imperishable, it is also known as "the king of crystals", symbolizing the sun of our solar system. Thanks to its fire, the diamond is also known as the "stone of innocence", which emphasizes purity, durability and loving open nature. Because of its optical effects, high hardness and rarity, the diamond was the stone of kings. But for some time now a diamond has been in vogue that cannot be said to have all these properties. We are talking about black diamonds.The employees of the German Gemmological Society from Idar-Oberstein were astonished when they were presented with the first black stones, which proved to be diamonds in the X-ray diffraction diagram. The hardness of the black diamonds was also astonishing, far exceeding that of the white diamonds. The black diamond as a gemstone must not be confused with the Bort, which is also in great demand in industry for its hardness for grinding and drilling purposes. The black diamond is of African or Indian origin.

Black is the colour of the night, but also of the mysterious, as secret as the current owner of the probably most famous cut black diamond, the "Black Star of Africa" (202,00 ct). Also secret is the whereabouts of the "Black Diamond of Bahia" (raw 350 ct), which was shown in 1851 at the Crystal Lalace exhibition, with the remark "... too hard to grind it". The black diamond, in its kind an unusual gemstone, has always been a peculiarity for the gemstone connoisseur. In the past they were used for cultic purposes, but today the black diamond finds more and more jewellery lovers.

The Black Diamonds collection by Chopard, launched in 1998, heralded this trend. Earrings, rings, necklaces and watches have been decorated with black diamonds. With the help of white and yellow diamonds, Chopard has brilliantly managed to give the black diamonds a proper validity. In the Black Diamonds collection, black and white brilliant-cut diamonds are combined in an effective and tasteful way without appearing ostentatious. But here you can also see the only disadvantage of black diamonds. A black diamond has no fire, which is why it is rarely used as a solitaire. Always it needs the help of some white brilliants to bring a black diamond to the fore.

Diamonds owe their colour to their chemical elements. The strength of the stone is emphasized by a brilliant cut and it makes possible that entering light is reflected by the table. The black diamond, however, has its colour enclosed within itself, making the cutting and polishing process considerably more difficult. Diamond cutters often have to re-cut the stone because it can break up to ten times. The effort is worth it. The cut black diamond is characterized by a high gloss. Together with the black of the diamond one has the impression of metallic luster.

Undoubtedly the fact can be accepted that one can create unusual jewellery with black diamonds, as the current trend shows. This trend is also confirmed by Robert Brachfeld, Diamantgroßhandel Brachfeld/60598 Frankfurt, who has been offering a large selection of black diamonds for some time now. Unusual, creative and mysterious jewellery creations always find a grateful clientele.

Goldsmiths can order a selection of black diamonds in all sizes and cuts on memo.



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