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Brownies are Trendy

The expenses of the jewelery shops differ primarily according to the addressed buyer, but not really by the presented jewelry. There is a chance in the differentiation that needs to be used to make regular customers or new customers aware of their own business!
Put your customers first: Make it clear that you as a goldsmith or jeweler will support the customers in their uniqueness and not treat all customers the same. Brown diamonds offer an extraordinary opportunity for jewelery individuality: Who but professionals already knows brown diamonds, diamonds that do not shine white or bluish because of a plastic deformation of the crystal, but in the color of cognac? These diamonds have some advantages: on the one hand, they are about 80 percent cheaper than the classic diamond, on the other hand, when they set in a necklace, bracelet, earring or ring they provide unusual colorful accents. Customers have been looking for the extraordinary for a long time. Prerequisite: It has to be affordable. Brown diamond jewelery fulfills exactly this wish, has the underestimated advantage that it promises to promote sales while also offering a good profit margin. Brown diamonds have a high degree of uniqueness that wearers with character will appreciate. But customers need to know that there are brown diamonds. Promote brown diamonds, demonstrate to your customers how striking and at the same time how individual jewelery made of brown diamonds is. Goldsmiths can use brown diamonds to open up a niche for themselves and their customers in the jewelry market, which has so far been underutilized. Use the possibilities offered by the variety of diamonds offers: Stand out from your competitors with brown diamonds. Here you can request a selection of cognac diamonds. Call us toll-free.

Chocolate or Cognac?

Brown is considered the color of the timid, the reserved, the selfless mothers and down to earth housewives. A color that does not emit much shine and glamor. Brown is also a sweet seduction that people can hardly resist: chocolate, for example.

So why not associate the brown diamonds with the passion for chocolate instead of their color symbolism? 15 years ago, Eddie LeVian, Le Vian Corporation, one of the big American jewelers, thought so too. Three simple rules made his "Chocolate Diamonds" so successful: the first, already mentioned rule: alienating the known. Diamonds that have something to do with chocolate? Sounds interesting. Alone with the word "chocolate", whether in the supermarket or jewelery shop, many customers run their mouths water and they want the product. This is followed by Rule No. 2: For a long time now, customers are no longer primarily men who show their love through diamonds. Women give themselves - especially if it contributes to their well-being. This is how diamonds are increasingly becoming feel-good products. True to the motto: I treat myself to something good. Very much like a piece of chocolate! Last rule: combine the ordinary with the unusual. For example, Marc Stabernack, jeweler Friedrich / 60313 Frankfurt, advises his "Chocolate Diamonds" interviewees by not offering the brown stones as the first jewel, but says: "It is especially suitable as a second or third piece of jewelery. That is, many women buy a brown diamond, for example, in combination with a white stone. "The" brownies "that became known only since the 80s by their occurrence in the Australian Argyle Diamond Mine, are mainly in the US" Called "Chocolate Diamonds". In Europe, they mainly carry the nickname "Champagne" - or "Cognac". The color combination to the foam or brandy wine simply make for a venerable association with diamonds. Because as seductive as chocolate is, in Germany it is more of a sinful snack. Champagne and cognac, on the other hand, you can enjoy with magnificent jewelry around the wrist or neck, says jeweler Gerhard Städtler / 91054 Erlangen. "In the land of poets and thinkers, no spongy descriptions are needed. You can also express things quite precisely. "For the naming this means: there are many chocolate varieties and while one prefers nougat, the other prefers mocha. But anyone who thinks of cognac will immediately have a clear idea of ​​diamond color. Many colleagues agree: the clearer the association, the easier it is to sell the stone. The only but big disadvantage is that there are more people who eat chocolate than people who drink cognac. This also means that there are more people who are interested in "Chocolate Diamonds" than in "Cognac Diamonds". Thus, although German colleagues may be more selective, they also exclude potential customers. In order to make the brown diamonds desirable, the following applies: First of all, they should make as many customers as possible palatable by stimulating natural senses along with curiosity, and only when they are sold do they additionally respond to individual (palate) preferences. And that, especially with women. (From Diamond Report).



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